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Pavlo and Oksana Myronyuk

We were both raised by Christian parents. From childhood we learned eternal truths from the word of God and we met as teenagers in the church. In the Bible study group we fully dedicated ourselves to Jesus Christ, being influenced by very strong spiritual leaders from the baptist church. We accepted His Lordship in our lives and were baptized. Subsequently, we fell in love with one another. On October 13, 1996, while still quite young, we were married. Now we have a family blessed by God. He gave us two beautiful children: Mark and Lyubomyr. In 1995, God sent Pavlo to plant a new church in the area where his wife lived. Since that time, their lives have been dedicated to ministry in the young Fimiam Church. Pavlo is senior pastor of the church and Oksana helps him by doing secretarial work, teaching the Bible and realizing her professional abilities as a philologist.

After having barely survived a complicated surgery at the age of 10, I began to ponder the goal of my life ... At the age of seven I almost died because of pneumonia - and again there was the hospital, the intensive care unit, and resuscitation ... Even then I understood that God did not like that I lied to my parents, smoked, used obscene language, stole things, and communicated with the guys, which led me to the abyss. I just hated the people and the kindness and the fear of God, which I was taught in my home, simply disappeared from my life. In my teenager years I began to think about the sense of my life. I was reevaluating the direction of my life. I was afraid that death would not simply look me in the eyes for the third time

Once I visited a Bible study with my friend. I was impressed by the love attitude that was among the youth there. I noticed the difference between my new and old friends. I revived among them. I began to sing, studied music, learned to play the guitar, and studied the Bible. My parents values and principles revived in me again. What is most important, on February 15, 1992 I met Jesus personally through prayer, repentance and true faith in Him, being a 13-year-old guy. I was baptized when I was 14 and my first sermon was preached while I was a teenager too. I studied many different Bible studies at conferences and in college and applied the teaching on a daily basis.

I was involved in youth ministry organization for churches in Volyn region from 1993 to1999.

I experienced many interesting, important and exciting moments during this time serving the Lord. However, I came to understand that I should work not only with Christian youth, but also with those who die without Christ. In 1995 the most exciting page of my life began. I will entitle it with one word, Fimiam. At first it was just a group of youth who gathered to sing, traveled, and organized the first youth club and afterwards it developed into Fimiam Church.

In 1999 I became the senior pastor of Fimiam Church.

I have seen how the body of Christ grows and strengthens. We began with 10 members and now have 250, from one ministry we grown into 40 ministries, and out of one church we have now planted 4 churches. Lives of teenagers and youth are changing. I see people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, people who are homeless, and people with disabilities have new life in Jesus. I am thrilled to see when new families become a Christian family. It is all possible because of the Lord. I am thankful to God for the opportunity to spend my best years in this awesome church.

My dreams, plans, and vision can be expressed in the credo of my life: to live by faith is to do things that are not possible for me. For nothing will be impossible with God. Hold on to Jesus friends, because all is just ahead!

I am thankful God for being raised by a Christian mother and that God touched my heart in childhood. I am thankful Him for Christian friends who were examples of a sacrificial life for God who offers salvation to everyone. There was a time when I did not to bring glory to God and wanted just to gratify the desires of my flesh. When I was 13, I repented and gave my life to Jesus. I tried to be active in among Christian youth at House of Gospel Church which I attended. After getting married, I began to serve in Fimiam Church together with my husband. At that point of time, Fimiam Church was just forming and now I cannot imagine my life without this church for the past 12 years. It is a place where I can bring glory to God and realize my small talents and gifts.

Victory in Jesus daily in all circumstances is the dream, desire and credo of my life.


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