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Our values:

Bible - this is our only basis.
Love for God and people - is the main motive of our lives.
Unity of the church - is the example to follow that Jesus showed to us.
Prayer is like breathing for us; it is above emotions, music, songs.
All members of our church study the Bible.
All members of our church serve God.
Each person in our church seeks personal communication with God and seeks His will for his\her life.
Offerings - this is our standard.
We always want to be a church open to youth and the younger generation.
Ethical, punctual, moral life, not only within the walls of the church, but in the world - this is our way.
We are always and everywhere seeking to give way for the Holy Spirit.
We are a church which plants other similar churches.
We desire to help many people come to Jesus.
Festive mood in all spheres of our life and ministry.
Solving social problems of our city - it is our vision.
We continually invest in the development of people and leaders in our church.
Everything in the church should be done according to high standards.


Fimiam Baptist Church 2012
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