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Goal: Help children to understand, listen to and love God; bring them to Christ; raise devoted ministers from them.

Vision of childrens ministry: There is nothing more honorable than to win the hearts of children.

Children hold a special place in Christs heart. Our vision is that children hold a special place in a heart of the church.

We are open for all children because work with children is a work with parents as well.


We see how God blesses us with cooperation from different missions and businessmen who support the childrens ministry. We view our financial partners as part of our team in the planning, working out and realization of the projects.


Our values:
1. Jesus Savior, only He gives salvation and blessings for life.
2. Children future potential for ministries. Church should invest time, people and finances.
3. Each minister in a team is valuable in Gods and churchs eyes. Church supports each member in different ways.
4. Each teacher creates an atmosphere of unconditional love and pours it on Christian and unchristian children.
5. Creative approach to ministry, continual growth, involvement of new workers.
6. Missionary spirit in the class, evangelical program outside of the church.


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