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According to statistics from the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine, approximately 2,200 people are injured with spinal cord trauma each year. This accounts for approximately 1,8% of all nerve system injuries. The cases of spinal cord injuries increase by 100 persons each year.

Spinal cord injuries caused by trauma or disease causes severe disorders in the musculoskeletal system and internal organs. People return home from the hospital after their injuries and are left alone with their disability and all problems caused by it. They become isolated from society, which brings about various psychological problems: fear, frustration, feelings of helplessness, apathy, depression, and thoughts of suicide. The following questions trouble them: How will I live? What should I do? Where should I go? In addition to their mental anguish, physical problems such as bedsores, pneumonia and nephritis appear and often can result in death.

Lutsk is a city of approximately 350,000 people, of which are 120 people with spinal cord injuries. There is no rehabilitation center in our city for those with these types of injuries. Fimiam Church has a clear vision for people with disabilities in Lutsk and the Volyn region, providing threefold rehabilitation: spiritual, psychological, social, and physical. Spiritual and psychological rehabilitation is based on the conviction that a person with disabilities is person who is greatly valued and needed by our Lord. He or she has the opportunity to come to know Jesus Christ, the Creator, Owner and Doctor of every soul. Physical rehabilitation is a process of regaining functional skills to be physically active and independent. Social rehabilitation includes large gatherings, fellowship, groups of interest, study, realization and integration into society on every level possible.

Since 2005, Fimiam Church began to organize different events for people with various disabilities in Lutsk and the Volyn region. Our threefold rehabilitation is carried out through the following events:
Rehabilitation office
Festive meetings every season
Summer camps
Crafty Hands studio
Recreational sports games
Personal Bible studies
Group Bible studies and seminars
Integration into society and fellowship groups
Transportation of people with disabilities to Sunday services, home groups, Crafty Hands studio, rehabilitation office and other events
Construction of warehouse and repair house for wheelchairs
Wheelchair distribution
Daily assistance

Leaders and team
Sergiy and Nataliya Bolchuk are responsible for Fimiams ministry to the disabled. They personally experienced tragedy when, after a car crash, Nataliya was injured and is now in a wheelchair. Together with friends and people from church, they help people with disabilities.

We have devoted people to help the disabled in their spare time. Everything is based on charity. One third part of the team is made up of former drug addicts, who successfully completed the rehabilitation program and have been set free of addiction. This rehabilitation center was founded nine years ago by Fimiam Church. Sergiy Bolchuk said: It is grace by grace! The irst grace is that God saved them from drug addiction and inevitable death and the second grace is that Christ gave them fire of Christian love in their hearts and desire to help others. Carrie Moss, a physical therapist from Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, worked in our rehabilitation office and is a huge blessing for our team and ministers.

Our friends and partners are Joni and Friends Mission; David Bentley, president of Gateway to Life Mission; Edward Gordon, CO; Lidia Green, Canada; churches in Cleveland, OH and Charlotte, NC; and brothers and sisters from France and Norway, whose hearts are ablaze for people with disabilities in Ukraine!


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