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Summer camps



We spent time out in nature for our first camp. One summer we organized a day camp. The next year we had three day camps. In 2008 we had two camps, five days each. One was for children with disabilities and their parents, and the other for adults with disabilities.

The participants of the first camp were girls and boys aged 9 to 16, affected with various disabilities: Cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, visually impaired, deaf and blind. There were around 80 people total, including their parents. We had separate programs for children and for parents: sport games, crafts, groups of interest, an evangelism program with Bible studies, as well as time gathered around the fireplace. Horseback riding was a special event of the camp. David Bentley brought special saddles for the disabled to use. Overflowing joy filled the riders with severe disabilities, who have never experienced being outdoors before, being limited to their wheelchair and bed, seeing light only through their window in their homes.

Adults in wheelchairs aged 16 to 40 were invited to the second camp. They participated in an extensive Bible study, sport games, enjoyed fellowship and the beauty of Gods creation and Christian love in action.


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