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Teenagers with special needs regularly visit the Crafty Hand Studio. The participants/artists make beautiful flowers, plates, pictures and other nice things with their hands. They enjoy this time very much, as they work under the guidance of experienced helpers. The desire of our team is to help children with disabilities, and to bring them joy. They cannot buy the things they make, because they are very expensive. God provides the materials and people who want to work in this ministry. More than 50 people are involved in the preparation and carrying out of a single meeting. Some volunteers are idea people, others prepare the meeting, send materials, transport folks, prepare snacks or administrate. Participants cannot make the crafts entirely on their own, so every person has a personal helper during craft time. Every handmade item is a result of the work of both the child and a volunteer. A volunteer becomes the hands of a child with a disability and implements his\her ideas into life. This forms a bond between the participants and the helpers, as it is time of common interest and friendship. Some of our participants call their helpers every day.

Before craft time, the participants have Bible study. There are four Bible study groups: for children, teenagers, adults and for parents of children with special needs. In this way we combine physical, intellectual and spiritual work, which brings good results.

The desire of the team is that Crafty Hands Studio becomes an integral part of the lives of people with disabilities, and that the time spent would bring more than just artistic joy, but the opportunity to use the talents they have to earn money. Larysa Novatska and Tanya Dobrozhanska are responsible for Crafty Hands Studio.


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