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On Saturdays we have youth meetings of the 51st Parallel club at 6:00 pm.
The atmosphere at such meetings is positive and joyful. Youth can always listen to something interesting, participate in the program and hear the Gospel.
Talent evenings are held regularly. Participants sing Christian songs and play musical instruments for Gods glory. Youth drink tea and coffee, talk and make friends.

Goals of the club:
1. Value each person that comes to the 51st Parallel club.
2. Help youth from different areas of our city and youth from Fimiam Church to know Christ deeper. We want youth to believe in Christ and receive salvation through forgiveness of their sins.
3. Discuss topics that are interesting for youth and show practical ways to apply Biblical truths.
4. Show the value of practical Christian life.
5. Bridge unchristian youth with the church.


Format of youth club:

51st Parallel" youth club is held every Saturday at 6:00 pm. When you enter the door, you will be greeted by smiling people and a cup of hot, but not always sweet, tea (as for sugar, I am kidding?). We communicate with friends and listen to live modern youth music over the cup of tea. Then we discuss interesting topics or analyze the problems of society, finding biblical solutions to them. We play games and watch performances of Goverla theater group. After the meeting, we continue to fellowship and play table tennis.

Every 3 months we have musical evenings, where young believers can show their talents. Unbelievers have a good time drinking coffee and listening to good music. The last music night was a charitable one. Young people purchased tickets and we were able to buy food for one family where a grandmother takes care of three orphans. Usually all of the seats are occupied. Every month we watch interesting Christian youth films or play exciting games - most often it happens in summer. We do not forget about the parents of young people who visit our club, and we send them greetings cards with our information on Christmas, Easter and other holidays. And also send an SMS to youth with biblical texts, words of encouragement or information. We have the so-called "Dinner for Ten" to build friendly relations with youth. We invite young people who believed in Christ for a festive dinner with the youth ministry team. The purpose of this dinner is to become closer acquainted with youth and encourage them to dedicate their lives to Christ in all spheres. We explain to them about baptism, ministry, and discipleship. In spring and summer, just before the camps, the attendance at the club decreases because of final exams and holidays. That is why we have rest outside, taking a guitar and sticks and playing games. Such meetings are an alternative to the youth club. We also celebrate New Year together and have a program that is aimed at spending an interesting Christmas night together. Every year we prepare a program, have a key idea, do analyses, have biblical thoughts and evening worship, share a delicious banquet, and play games and contests.

Seventy young people visit youth club in summer, but in winter the number increases to 100 and even more with visitors. You are welcome to join us as we stand as one family. We are waiting for you!


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