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Everyone is addicted to something in our society. This strange chain is evident even from childhood: a newborn child requires extraordinary attention from his/her parents and later on from teachers in kindergarten. Time passes and in school he/she develops a new addiction. Later a person becomes dependent on learning in high school, if he/she chose it. It is here that an interesting and intriguing stage in life begins. It is difficult for a young woman or a young man to avoid the negative addictions which lead to bad consequences, such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and gambling machines. Many people enjoy a life without restrictions. However, in time you do not graduate from the university, you lose relationships with parents and friends, you develop many diseases, and even more, you cannot live without the next dose it is like air to you. Days pass and you do not like to be addicted. It annoys you, but your efforts to fight it are in vain. You are weak. You are at the very bottom of the abyss, full of depressive thoughts about suicide...What can I do? Is it possible to become free? Where can I go? Fear not there is a way out. You can radically change everything through Jesus Christ.

Transformation is a Christian rehabilitation center. It is a place where God changes the lives of people. You can come and receive the help you need, but you must understand that you require the help. Remember: any addiction can be overcome by the power of Jesus Christ.

The mens department of Transformation was founded in 2000 by Fimiam Church in Lutsk. It was the result of the project The Truth about Drugs, which was held in Lutsk. As a result of this project, young people looking for freedom from drug addiction began to address us. The idea for a rehabilitation center was born and workers from the rehabilitation center in Ostrig helped us to make this idea a reality.

The first steps were very complicated for the initiators of the project. Some people who came to become free did not complete the course of rehabilitation and returned to drugs once again.

The rehabilitation center continued to function because of the faith of the initiators. In 2002, the rehabilitation center moved from a private apartment into a house in Borohiv village in the Kivertsi district of Volyn region.

More than 90 people have received freedom from drug and alcohol addictions over the years at the rehabilitation center. They completed all stages of rehabilitation and fully returned to normal life. Some of them returned to their home cities and to serve as missionaries to drug addicts. Many people returned their lost families and brought back joy and peace to their wives, husbands and children. God gave them hope!

In 2003, one lady came to Fimiam Church to receive freedom from drug addiction. The ministers of the church were thinking about a womens department for drug addicts, because the mens department was functioning well at that time. There was not enough skill, ability and experience in this ministry, but there was much love and desire to help those ladies and that was enough to start the ministry. God expanded this ministry as more and more ladies wanted to become free from addictions. God always took care of the devoted team of ministers who served these ladies with all their hearts. Now it is more that just a team. It is a family where you are understood in any circumstance. Sixty ladies have come to us during the 5 years that the womens department has been open. Nineteen of them completed the course successfully and became members of our church or other churches.

Rehabilitation does not only help break the cycle of drug or alcohol addiction. It is our desire to introduce people to Jesus Christ. When this happens, an understanding comes that one should change the priorities and values in life.

There are 3 stages of rehabilitation: 1st stage (first 3 months) physical rehabilitation and becoming acquainted with a new life, 2nd stage (next 3 months) spiritual rehabilitation or choice of life, 3rd stage (from 6 months to one year) adjustment to society and accountability to the workers of the center.

We pray, read the Bible, share with each other, learn from one another, give presents, work, cook, rest, celebrate birthdays and do many more things together. This is a work of God. He performs miracles through his children.


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